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Main Home

A Message from Coop

What started as a dream with the oldest block of Carménère on Red Mountain transformed what was once mostly sagebrush. We can’t help but have a deep sense of pride in the uniqueness of what we created. It might be sitting on the back deck or under the sun shades on the patio. The leaves filled with a beautiful array of deep reds and greens met with explosions of purple and yellow. That view from Red Mountain is amazing, a view of grapes that goes back as far as you can see.

As a third generation farmer, the knowledge, skill and hard work are deeply rooted in our grapes. So many memories here. Ten years of parties and relationships. Ten years of growth and harvest. Ten years of these sunsets. A true boutique estate winery. Our wine club is different than anything you may have experienced, because that’s really what it is. An Experience. Made of great people and great wine.

It would be a huge honor to have you join us, and come be a part of our story for the next ten years.

Who We Are

Part of the legacy of fantastic Estate Wineries on world-renown Red Mountain in Eastern Washington state.

A small, family run operation, Cooper is all about Bordeaux style reds with a few fantastic nontraditional surprises mixed in! Over 90% of our wine is produced for the CoopClub while the balance is sold on-side in our tasting room located on the corner of Sunset and Hwy 224! Cooper’s focus is on great conversations and quality wines with character and balance crafted from the amazing terrier of Red Mountain.



Our most sought after Label, Cooper Wine Companies Carménère is the wine that put us on the map. Literally. Yielding from the oldest block on Red mountain, Our deep rooted Carménère Gives you an incredible experience, one that leaves you wanting more. This is a MUST if you are visiting Red mountain or passing through this part of the country.


A delicious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc, and Red Mountains award winning Carménère grown here at Cooper Wine company. C4 is a playful and explorative approach to a beautifully balanced wine whose flavor would please the most sophisticated drinker while still being an approachable label for all walks of life.

Barrel Maker

Every great wine drinker needs and every day drinker! The Barrel Maker Red and Rose are a great additional to the line up!


“The Beginning” is the 1st wine that was released in 2009 and is the 1st wine that is built when they beginning the process of blending wines! Want to know where the name L’inizio comes from… Grab Coop the next time you see him and ask how he came up with this name!


This line-up started as tribute to Bud, the Gatekeeper of Red Mountain and Cooper Wine Company. If you have every visited Cooper you know Bud! He has greeted you at your car and walked you into the tasting room! Bud’s Blend was later joined by the Syrah, Super Tuscan and the most unique wine on you will experience on Red Mountain, the Nebbiolo! As these wines are in limited production many are CoopClup exclusive!


Gain access to exclusive labels, invitations to private events and parties, and additional perks. Find out what all the buzz is about and join the family.

Meet Cooper

Neil Cooper
Winemaker/ Owner

You can find me: In a tractor out in the Vineyard, at barrels testing wine, or on the road visiting amazing CoopClub members.

Bud The Wine Dog
Tour Guide

You can find me: Laying in the grass out by the motor coaches, Laying on my coach in the tasting room, or out in the parking lot greeting visitors.