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'17 C4


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2017 Red Mountain C4 By Cooper- We greatly appreciate that CoopClub loves their blends, this wine came after years of deliberations from a trip to Chile.  The question always was can we really put together our 3 favorite Bordeaux varietals equally into 1 blend year after year and showcase it… well C4 is just that.  Now our most popular of blends here at Cooper, and by far the darkest of wines.  Once again 2017 C4 is showing that it was an amazing year to grow grapes. This wine is one to open now or able to lay down for 10-15 years!  We are finally making wines that we can put away and able to bring back with time. 


  • 33% Carménère | 33% Cabernet Sauvignon | 33% Cabernet Franc